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P.O. Box 246
801 North King St.
Winton, NC  27986
Fax: (252) 358-7869

Ahoskie, NC
(252) 862-4054
P.O. Box 694
828 South Academy St.
Ahoskie, NC  27910
Fax: (252) 862-4263


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 Tel (252) - 332-6747

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  to the Hertford County Public Health Authority website.  Our mission is Disease Prevention.  Health Protection. Health Promotion. Everywhere.  Everyday.  Everybody.  The Hertford County Public Health Authority serves as the community health network leader and seeks to make our community the healthiest community in North Carolina.  At this website you will have access to education, information and services that will improve the health and well-being of all Hertford County residents.
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Region 9 2011 Needs Assessment


Region 9 HIV Resource Directory


Network of Care Community 


September 20, 2014



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Positive Parenting Program

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Stroke Awareness

Know the warning Signs of a Stroke

The following video "Stroke Without Warning" is presented by The North Carolina Heart Disease & Stoke prevention Program and The Carolinas Center For Medical Excellance



Double click the Start Your Heart image below to discover the warning signs



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